Sunday, 5 April 2009

Separate Componants

With this model I have been working on the main body of the phone, whilst also trying to create smaller componants such as buttons and alike as I go along, so I can make everything fit together well. One of the central pieces of the phone is the disk button at the front. On the w580i part of this is aluminium and the other part is plastic that has been sprayed with a metal effect. I have chosen to use aluminium to create all of it, as I think it will look more effective. Both these pieces will need to have an emblem cut into them and I plan to do this through the CNC machine.

I lathed the larger section of aluminium and then, to sit within it I lathed a disk of black acylic which chamfers inward. The smaller piece on the right of the picture, which will eventually sit in the centre of the disk on the left, was also lathed from aluminium. I then using a hack-saw and metal file cut from the same piece the cross sections.


This I created from lasercutting different sections from acrylic and then gluing together. I used a thin sheet of brass to act as the connector sections and sprayed the rest of it black.


I made the camera section from a sheet of acrylic, creating the raised part using more acrylic and filling between the two levels with car body filler. The buttons that will be used as the dialling buttons were drawn in the programme Rhino, and then laser cut. I then sanded the edges down by hand to give them a slight radius as is the case with the w580i phone.


This part was made from lasercutting the letters and the piece of acrylic needed to sit the letters onto. I then sprayed the back section black and the letters in a chrome effect paint.

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