Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I recieved the light panel that I will use for the screen section of the phone at the end of last week. I ordered it from the company Earlsman. For something so small it gives off an even bright light, however it requires 8 AA batteries to power it. I did want to keep all the electronics within the phone model itself, constructing it in a way that I could simply take the two faces apart from each other in order to access them. I would rather keep it self contained as I wanted the phone to be sat on a clear acrylic base, which I didn't want wires ruining the look of, and I also didn't want any holes in the phone where wires run out from. This may be difficult as the battery holder that is supplied is very thick and clumpy. I will need to mill out a lot of the internal part of the phone in order to make a space large enough for the battery pack to sit in.

http://earlsmann.co.uk/ - The website from where I brought the light panel.

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