Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Houston we have a problem...

I discovered that yesterday when I used the CNC machine to cut out certain details on the back of the phone I set the zero point too high on the machine's y axis. This means that everything the CNC cut out has ended up being about 8mm higher on the back phone face than it should be. I have started to rectify this problem by cutting a block of chemiwood at 8mm thick and attaching it to the top of the phone and filling in the space with car body filler. As I have already used the router to radius the edges I will have to re-do this part on the top half of the phone. This problem will set me back a day or so, however as not all projects go according to plan I think it is a good skill to learn to rectify them.

TIP: CNC a piece of material first and then cut out its profile so the zero point doesn't become quite so important.

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