Friday, 6 February 2009

Colour Samples

I have been looking at the finish of the phone and trying to plan ahead how I am going to make individual parts of it in advance in order to save time. Today I have been creating colour samples for the metallic blue camera section at the back of the phone.

I created the two samples above from first spraying a base coat of metallic silver cellulose paint. For the more blue sample on the left of the pic I sprayed over the silver with a coat of clear laquer mixed with a small amount of ultramarine blue. This was too blue so for the second sample I tinted the laquer with a small amount of blue and yellow to create a teal colour. To improve the samples I think the base silver colour needs to be more reflective, perhaps a chrome like colour would be better. I will also try to experiment with tint colours. At the moment by adding the opaque blue to the laquer there is not enough transparency to see the silver underneath. My tutor has suggested using a tint blue colour that itself is translucent rather than opaque.

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