Sunday, 3 May 2009

The nearly finished article!

I made my stand from clear acrylic in a simple shape that gives support to the back of the phone at a tilted angle. I will be displaying the model at the New Blades Show, so I have looked into possibly getting a rotating stand for the exhibition, in order to show both sides of the phone equally.

Displaying the phone

As the phone is an exhibition model I want to create a stand for it to try and display it to its full potential. Below are pictures and potential ideas for the sorts of shapes I can use to make my stand.

Putting the phone together

I'm now at a stage where I am putting the different componants of the phone together. I produced a mock screen on photoshop and I've added all the electronics.

The two halves of the phone are going to be kept together using aluminium rod that will act as pegs to locate and keep the front and back faces in place. This will allow me to take them apart should I need to change the batteries or screen.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Making the Camera

The camera section at the back of the mobile phone has been one of the most difficult pieces to get right for this model. The finish of the camera is a metallic blue colour. Ideally I wanted to spray a chrome effect base coat and spray over this with a blue tint colour. However the only chrome paint I could find that gives me the effect I need is enamel based from a spray can. As the blue tint I have sourced is a cellulose paint if I spray it directly on top there is a reaction between the two paints which spoils the finish. Not being able however to find a chrome spray with a cellulose base that is reflective enough led me to try producing the two paint coats on separate layers. I therefore vacuum formed the camera section master I had made. On the master I sprayed the chrome effect and on the vacuum form I sprayed the tint. As I used clear styrene to vac form with the reflective layer of chrome can be seen through the blue tinited layer, leaving me with an effect that is close to matching that part of the phone.