Sunday, 5 April 2009

Another issue!

I have come to realise that when the CNC machine cut out the walkman logo on the front of the phone, for some reason it cut the shape bigger than it was meant to. This was a problem also for the shadow gap that runs across the back face of the phone. For the shadow gap I simply got some styrene pushed it into the position I wanted it and filled the rest of the gap up to the styrene. Once the car bodyfiller had set I merely pulled the styrene away and the gap had been made smaller with a really neat crisp line. However this method didn't work for the front logo as it's a much more complex shape. Therefore I had to mill out the section along the front face where the logo was, in order to provide a space. In this space I glued in a piece of chemiwood that had the correct logo size lasercut into it. I used chemiwood rather than acrylic to prevent an obvious difference in material that may have showed up when spraying. Chemiwood, like MDF tends to burn in the lasercutter so I used a setting that was as gentle as possible but that still allowed me to cut all the way through the material, which was 4mm deep. This problem has probably lost me a days worth of time.

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